Do you have any career-related questions?

careerAre you coming to the end of your PhD and are unsure what your next steps should be?

Are you a couple of years out of your PhD but not fulfilled by your current job and still trying to figure out your long-term career plan?

Are your unsatisfied with your current job situation and thinking of changing sectors?

Are you trying to decide if you should keep trying to secure an academic job or whether it is time to transition out of academia?

There may be a number of other career-related questions you are concerned about, and from my experience the two most often asked ones seem to be “what can I do with my degree?” and “should I stay (in academia) or should I go now”?

I will work with you to help you find an answer that works best for you and your situation. Together we will look at your unique strengths and skills and how you can draw on these to find a career that fulfils you, whether it is a traditional academic career path or involves moving sideways or to places you didn’t expect existed. I will help you navigate the job hunt, provide support and guidance with job applications and interviews and most importantly, I will give you a space to explore different options and give you tools to cope with change and having the courage to perhaps follow a slightly different path to the one you anticipated when your first started your PhD.

It would be great to hear from you about any career-related questions you may have and if you feel that you could benefit from working with me, please contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation 30 minute consultation to talk about your situation in more detail and see if we would be good working together.